Friday, October 12, 2007

The October Reading List

So it’s like the second or third week of October and I’ve already gone through like sixty books. I would have read like a gazillion more but I’ve been uber busy with tons of stuff. I'm pretty sure I’ve put away at least sixty books because I’ve been storing the books in my kitchen cabinets and, when they’re stacked to the top, each cabinet holds about forty books and I’ve already gone through like one and a half cabinets. So yeah, I’ve basically read more books this month that you will read in your life time, Oh and by ‘read’ I really mean to say that I’ve blended them up in my blender to the consistency of cream of wheat and then devoured them with hot milk and water. But whatever.

So most of my reading occurs early morning before work, between the time of 7:12 and 7: 18 a.m depending on how long it takes me to select a book and also how long it takes for the water and milk to heat up. I like my literature warm, but not scalding, so I also account for a few minutes of cooling time so as to not smart my tongue, which is a perfect way to ruin your morning coffee enjoyment.

I would list all the books I’ve read here but sadly, I haven’t been writing down the titles and now that they’ve been read there covers aren’t accessible to the naked eye. I can tell you that I thought The Wind Up Bird, was especially delish; rich berry notes with a hearty pulp after taste. If you try it I suggest putting in a sliced banana. You can risk trying strawberries but because of the acidity of the novel it can become a bit much on the taste buds. Also, Raise High the Roof Beam Carpenters is good for a least two bowls if you aren’t greedy, and I really enjoyed that one straight up, no fruit, no nothing. Salinger was simply divine.



Blogger Courtney said...

your insanity provides me with entertainment and i appreciate that.

9:42 PM  
Blogger livethelifetoday said...

So I think you are creatively insane, Nathan Poole; but I have a deep respect for you anyway.

12:42 AM  

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